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Our Team

For the past 23 years, Rabbi Raphael Benchimol and Mrs. Rachel Benchimol have infused life into the souls of the many they have been in contact with through their continued and tireless efforts, counsel, and advice in all facets of their lives. Leading by example, they not only teach the concepts in Pirkei Avot but actually live them. They say little but do a ton. Their middot, ethical standards, diligence, attention to detail, honesty and clarity of mind in serving our Creator, set the model their congregants aim to emulate.

Knowing that many of their congregants do not have a formal yeshiva background, Rabbi and Rachel Benchimol teach both practical and mystical aspects of Torah, enabling their congregants to thrive in the greater Orthodox community.

To achieve their ultimate dream of expanding MSC’s good work of outreach to the greater Tri-State community, in 2003, Rabbi & Rachel Benchimol founded the Aleph Learning Center (ALC). In addition to the Manhattan Kollel and various adult outreach activities, ALC runs a FREE Hebrew after-school program geared towards children below bar/bat mitzvah age who do not attend Jewish Day Schools. The children learn how to read Hebrew, basic prayers and sound knowledge of the Jewish holidays and Sephardic traditions. As of now, they are working tirelessly to extend this education to the next generation, as they build the Aleph Learning Preschool/

Rabbi and Rachel Benchimol live in New York City with their four children, Sara Leah, Esther, Channah and Avraham Moshe.

Sat, June 6 2020 14 Sivan 5780