About Bar Mitzvah Program 

We are excited to be starting our 2econd year of an innovative, educational and exciting program which prepares boys for their Bar Mitzvah.
Bar Mitzvah is one of the highlights of a Jewish teenager's life. Our mission is to convey the true meaning of becoming Bar Mitzvah in a hands on and exciting way. At the Bar Mitzvah Program, the boys will have the opportunity to learn about the true meaning of their Bar Mitzvah alongside other Jewish peers and create everlasting friendships. They will learn about, and practice, many of the Mitzvot that they will begin to perform as a Bar Mitzvah. All this will be achieved with the goal of enabling the next generation to continue the Jewish traditions.
We look forward to welcoming you to our Bar Mitzvah Program family!
Rabbi Mendel and Sara Benzecry - Youth Directors


The program will run from Octuber 17th 2021 to June 19th 2022.

These are the tentative dates that the program will be running: Oct. 17th, Nov. 14th, Dec. 12, Jan. 09, Feb. 06, Mar. 06, Apr. 03, May 01, May 29, Jun. 19
The program is geared to boys ages 11-13, and will meet once a month on Sunday mornings. 
The program will cost $360 per student for the year.
Spots are limited! please Click Here to register.

Our Staff 

Rabbi Mendel Benzecry has spent years in Yeshiva and Talmudic seminaries in seven cities across the globe. His study of Chumash, Talmud, Halacha (Jewish Law) and Chassidut in depth, have given him a broad understanding of the Torah and its values. He is passionate about imparting the spirit and meaning of our Jewish customs to the Bar Mitzvah boys. His patient and warm approach will ensure that the children — the future of our people — feel an appreciation, purpose and pride in their Jewish identity and traditions.


The Bar Mitzvah curriculum will be based on the “Jewish Discovery Program.” Its goal is to convey foundational ideas in Judaism, including; the purpose of life, the value of the Jewish Soul, Ahavat Yisrael. Lively discussions will be generated in all these topics. Additionally, at each meeting, the boys will learn practical skills, such as how to wrap Tefillin, how to wear a Tallit, and the different laws and customs involved in taking and returning the Torah to the Aron Kodesh (ark).
The purpose of the learning is for every student to be able to understand the meaning of their Bar Mitzvah, and feel confident at the Bar Mitzvah Ceremony, and comfortable in their life at the synagogue.