Welcome to Aleph Hebrew School at MSC! 

Aleph Hebrew School was founded twelve years ago, with a mission to provide a free, warm and dynamic Jewish learning environment for the children of our community and beyond. 

At Aleph Hebrew School, Torah, Hebrew Reading and Jewish Tradition come alive. Our innovative and academic program gives our students a broad knowledge of Judaism and tremendous Jewish pride. An individualized focus on each child, hands-on activities, lively discussions, songs and fun, spark tremendous learning and growth in all of our students.

The program is geared to Jewish children from Grades K- 5, regardless of observance or affiliation. We are excited to be launching our second year of BMC (Bar and Bat Mitzvah Club) geared to students in Grades 6-8. Click here to find out more. 

We encourage parents and family members to get involved in the program, as well as our MSCKids events throughout the year.

We look forward to welcoming you to our Hebrew School family!

Rabbi Raphael and Rachel Benchimol - MSC

Rabbi Mendel and Sara Benzecry - Youth Directors



We are happy to announce that registration for the academic year 2023-2024 is open.

Click here to see the Hebrew School 2023 - 2024 calendar.

We have a limited amount of students that we can accept. Please register now to confirm your spot for the upcoming year.


Our Staff 


Our dedicated staff members are imbued with a desire to impart their love and knowledge of Judaism to their students. Their creativity and dynamism create an engaging atmosphere at Aleph Hebrew School. Our students gain an appreciation and excitement for the values and traditions of our heritage and a deep connection to their Jewish roots, imbuing their every day with a sense of pride and purpose. 

Our Hebrew School Director, Sara Benzecry, has been teaching and administrating in Jewish Schools across North America for over ten years. Her extensive experience with children and adults of all ages, coupled with her passion to motivate and inspire her students, help create the warm learning environment at Aleph Hebrew School. 




Our kids have been going to Aleph Hebrew School at MSC for quite a few years. Our Fifth Grader is currently attending Aleph Hebrew School and our two Teenagers are Alumni. Our family has appreciated the warmth of the synagogue more and more over time. We realized how much passion and dedication the Hebrew School teachers put into educating the children about Jewish learning, prayers, reading Hebrew as well as beautiful songs and traditions. Our kids made new friends and everyone feels welcome regardless of the background (we happen to be a mixed Sephardic / Ashkenazi family). The curriculum and quality of the education has improved even further in the last year despite the circumstances we know since early 2020. We cannot wait for the 2020/2021 Hebrew School year to resume and we would be happy to discuss with any prospective family.


Stephanie and Marc B.


My Seven year old son has been attending Aleph Hebrew School at MSC for 2 years now. I am so impressed by his eagerness to attend each week. He is taught through a mix of games, rewards and regular learning, which makes the after-school continued learning quite enjoyable. I'm also impressed by the teacher's eagerness to continue teaching throughout the Covid-19 crisis, not only with regular scheduled sessions, but going above and beyond by offering their time for one-on-one sessions with each child once a week. At Aleph Hebrew School at MSC, you truly feel the passion and love the teachers have for their work and their students, making everyone, even us parents, feel at home there. 

Paulina and Alex H.




Aleph Hebrew School strives to make Jewish education available for everyone. Thanks to the support of our community we are able to have the only Free Hebrew School in Manhattan, inspiring Jewish pride in our students. 

Please consider partnering with us thereby ensuring that Judaism remains alive and vibrant. Your generous contribution will help enable our children, the future of our people, to have a strong Jewish foundation.

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