CTeen U

We are excited to offer high school students the opportunity to earn college credits by participating in the CTeenU Jewish Wellness course. CTeenU is a collaboration between the Chabad teen network, CTeen International, and Yeshiva University. Yeshiva University is the world's premier Jewish higher education institution home to a network of undergraduate and graduate programs. 

Yeshiva University credits are accepted at many colleges nationwide, including highly selective schools, state colleges, liberal arts colleges, public flagships, specialized programs, and many more.

The course is available to sophomores, juniors, and seniors. Classes will meet weekly on Thursday evenings starting in October 2023. The course will be taught by Sara Benzecry, who has years of experience teaching Tanya to High School students. ​


Course Overview

The Jewish Wellness Course: Kabbalah's tools for finding your best self is a 14-lesson course founded on revolutionary Chassidic ideas delving into the intricacies of human impulsivity, where feelings like emptiness, criticism, and guilt stem from and how we can hone G‑d given abilities to be the best version of ourselves. By design, this curriculum promotes thought-provoking discussions, high-level thinking, and an engaging experience.

The Jewish Wellness course explores human impulsivity, the origins of negative emotions, and Kabbalistic tools for personal growth. The vision of this course is for it to be a transformational experience from worrier to warrior, teaching teens about their inner workings and equipping them with Tanya-based tools to tackle their world. Below is an overview of the course material and weekly topics. 



Registration is now open for students in 10th-12th grades.  Click Here to register and you will be redirected to the CTeenU registration portal where you will be asked to create an account and complete your registration.

For questions regarding registration, course content, or scholarships, please reach out to Sara Benzecry at [email protected].