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Aleph Learning Center is proud to present an important project that adds tremendous Kedusha to our community and entire neighborhood; "The Manhattan Kollel", consisting of rabbis who are devoted to the needs of our community, available daily, from Sunday - Friday to study with the members on any Torah topic you desire.

There are two Kollel sessions – the first, from 9:45 AM – 12 pm, and the second from 1:30 pm to 8:30 pm.

A very important aspect of this program is to reach out to the children of our community, especially targeting Jewish children from the local public & private schools to provide them with free after school classes on Judaism and Torah, including Bar /Bat Mitzvah lessons.

This project also guarantees a a late Shachrit Minyan, at 8:15 AM Monday-Friday and Minyan for Mincha and Arvit every day, including in the winters, the only one in our neighborhood.

Be a part of it. Take advantage of this Kollel and come and learn with a rabbi on any Torah subject.

To participate and/or to help sponsor, please speak to Rabbi Benchimol.






 The Kollel has changed the atmosphere of our synagogue, adding a period of five hours of Torah to the normal services. five talented Rabbis are available for lessons of Torah with "menus" a la carte such as Gemara, comments of the Parasha of the week and open Torah topics. It constitus an excellent complement to the Tefila.

The synagogue is STRONGER for several reasons:

-The services of Mincha and Arvit have a guaranteed Minyan and on time. During past years, it was difficult to get a Minyan for Mincha and Arvit services.

-Timing of the Kollel allows to either study, pray Mincha and Arvit and leave or come to pray Mincha and Arvit and then study in the evening.

-The Kollel attracts new faces coming from thee surroundings.


MSC is richer in terms of Torah studyand better to the services of Hashem

Armand Koskas


Rabbi Raphael Benchimol was instrumental in sponsering the creation of this important projectof the Kollel classes.these courses have heightened my spirit and have enriched my Judaic life and lifted my soul to much higher level of spiritualism.

As a novice, every day I learn more and more, and as days go by, I still find that I do not know enough.

 I encourage people of all ages to participate in these beneficial and VERY inspiring lectures given by these talented and competent Rabbis whose minds are so open to see things from different angles of the Halacha. They cover many subjects from the Tanach, Talmud, Mishna, Tehilim, etc...They make the correlation between what we study andthe practical way of our worldly life. They have filled the void that has existed in me for so many years. It has enriched my spiritual life and thus gave a sense to it.

I am fortunate to be a part of this educational body.

Moni Gabbai